Our IT fits your needs

Business Specialties

CPA services

Accounting and tax software must follow specific guidelines and security protocols. Resolve IT Computers has years of experience working in the accounting software industry. We offer support for many software programs in the tax preparation industry, as well as other specialized bookkeeping software for CPAs. This software includes ATX, Drake, Lacerte, QuickBooks, Sage, Peachtree, and many more. We also offer priority response during your busy times (like tax season), which ensures that your company is taken care of when the stakes are highest.

Healthcare services

Healthcare industry regulations change often, and sometimes very quickly. Ensuring that the technologies health offices use are in compliance with these regulations is critical. At Resolve IT Computers, we are experienced in the regulations that dictate HIPAA compliance, and can help make sure that your practice is prepared for HIPAA audits. Leave the IT headache to us so you can focus on your patients.

Property Management services

Technology infrastructure for multiple properties, buildings, and units can create a lot of frustration if not managed carefully. Internet service providers may even shut off the internet connection for an entire complex if measures are not taken to filter illegal content. From setting up internet access points to protecting against illegally downloaded content from the internet, Resolve IT Computers understands the issues associated with creating and overseeing computer networks.

We also support multiple property management software solutions that may have specific needs. We can assist with basic office technology such as printing and email to maintain communication with tenants and other business relationships. Let us set up and maintain your system so you can focus on managing your properties.

Manufacturing services

In manufacturing, downtime can be very costly. Machines are often tied to computers or networks, making reliable technology key. For years, Resolve IT Computers has been working with local manufacturers to provide consistent support for their technology. We specialize in working with custom shop management software and third party software vendors to resolve problems quickly. We can provide a customized solution for your manufacturing business concerns.