Broken laptops don’t phase us

Laptop Repair

Laptop LCD Screens

A broken LCD screen can make an otherwise working laptop unusable. Some screens are obviously cracked and need to be replaced. Others could have bad connections that need to be reseated or inverters that need to be replaced. Resolve IT Computers can fix any of these problems and we come to you to do it. All we need to know is the model number of your computer so that we can order the correct part. We will bring it to you and install it.

Broken Laptop DC Jack

If your laptop has a loose connection where the adapter plugs in, it could mean your DC jack is broken. If you don’t get it repaired promptly, it could overheat and damage your computer further. Resolve IT Computers can repair or replace many DC jacks at a fraction of the cost of replacing the motherboard. Call us for a quote to repair the DC jack in your laptop. We will even pick up the computer from you and deliver it when it is finished.

Laptop Keyboards

Resolve IT Computers can replace entire keyboards or single keys. If your keyboard is the victim of a spill or other accident and doesn’t work like it used to, we can replace the keyboard and make it just like new again. We can even replace individual keys that have broken off. Call us and get your “M” key working again.

Low Battery Life

Batteries in laptops are typically the first thing to go out. If you use your laptop on battery power a lot, you will find that after about 1.5 to 2 years your battery won’t hold much of a charge anymore. Laptop batteries last longer if they are used sparingly. Avoid discharging your battery only a little and then charging it again. About once per month, run your battery out completely. If you need a new battery, you can call us and we will make sure you get the right kind for your laptop. Whatever you do, avoid generic batteries. Always search for a “genuine” battery. Generic batteries have compatibility issues and may even damage your laptop.

Bad AC Adapter

When a laptop stops charging or won’t power on, many times this indicates a bad AC adapter. Resolve IT Computers can test your old adapter to see if it is bad. We can also order a new adapter. As with batteries, make sure your new adapter is “genuine”. Generic adapters are low-quality and can end up damaging your computer. When you shut down your laptop, unplug the cord from the adapter box instead of the DC jack in the computer. This will help avoid DC jack damage.

Very Faint or Dark LCD Screen

A blank screen on your laptop may not actually be blank, but it is just so dark that you can’t see it. If you look closely or shine a flashlight on it, you may see a picture. This indicates that the backlight is off. The backlight may have gone bad, but more likely the inverter on the screen has gone out. The inverter is much less expensive to replace than the entire LCD. Most of the time, this symptom means that the inverter is bad. If this turns out not to be the case, you can then replace the LCD. We can determine which issue you are dealing with and quickly fix either problem.

Bad Hard Drive

Hard drives in laptops are more susceptible to damage than desktop models because laptops are often dropped and jostled. You should always back up all of your data, but especially the data on a laptop. Solid State Drives are a newer technology that offers increased performance and reliability over hard drives. However, they are generally more expensive. Resolve IT Computers can upgrade your drive or replace your old hard drive with a new one.

Laptop Hinge Repair

Laptop hinges wear out and break often. Resolve IT Computers can repair or replace hinges so that your laptop opens and closes like it is supposed to.


Laptops can easily overheat if they don’t have enough airflow. If your laptop overheats, it can freeze up completely so that not even the mouse cursor will move. Other times, the laptop shuts off of its own accord. Airflow can be restricted if your fan is broken, dust is clogging the heat sink, or the laptop is on a surface that suffocates it. Resolve IT Computers can replace broken fans and clean out your laptop so that it cools correctly again.

Other Laptop Repairs

We can repair or replace almost any laptop component. Call us if your laptop is damaged and let us give you a quote on the cost to fix it.