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Virus Removal

Slow computer? Pop-ups? A virus might be the cause. Viruses and other malware can infiltrate your computer and cause various problems with performance. If your computer is running slower than normal or your internet seems to lag, you may have a virus or other malware that is compromising your security and efficiency. Resolve IT Computers has the tools to quickly and safely remove viruses from infected computers. We can help ensure your systems remain secure by educating your family on internet security and by installing effective anti-virus software.

Virus/Malware Protection

Free anti-virus programs are very common and can be useful for protecting your computer from viruses, malware, and other outside sources trying to access personal information on your computer. However, the sheer number of available programs can be nearly impossible to navigate on your own. Resolve IT Computers can simplify the process and help you make a more informed decision. We can teach you how to better protect your computer, yourself, and your family from online threats.


Many computers can be upgraded instead of being replaced, a low-cost alternative that can extend the life of your machines. If your computer is five years old or younger, Resolve IT Computers may be able to upgrade the hardware and/or software of your system to provide you increased performance and reliability. We can upgrade hard drives (more storage capacity), RAM (faster, smoother operation), video cards (gaming and application performance), and other components.

Solid State Drives (SSDs)

Solid State Drives are a new technology that is replacing hard drives in many systems. SSDs offer better performance and reliability than hard drives and have recently become an economically viable option for upgrading in all types of computers. SSDs use flash memory instead of moving discs to store data. This makes them less prone to physical damage and allows the data to be accessed and stored much more quickly than a normal hard drive. Many high-performance systems are held back by the speed of the hard drive. We can replace the hard drive in your system with an SSD without losing any of your data or programs, and you will immediately notice the difference.


Computers must circulate air in order to remain cool. As a result, dust collects inside the components. If this dust is not periodically and carefully removed, the computer can overheat. Chronic overheating damages components and leads to hardware failure. The inside of a computer must be carefully cleaned using the right tools and techniques. Never underestimate the value of a clean computer.

Data Recovery

When a computer fails to boot, many fear their data is lost forever. If the data has not been properly backed up, it can be expensive and stressful to recover. Resolve IT Computers offers data recovery services that can alleviate that stress. We can restore data from hard drives, flash drives, and other media that may have been deleted or otherwise lost. In some cases, physical damage to the device may require the use of special equipment in a clean-room environment. We can save you time and money by determining if such measures are necessary. Before sending your hard drive off for a recovery process that may cost $1,500 or more, give us a call.

File and Printer Sharing

Having multiple computers in one home is very common these days. Families often want to share pictures, music, and other files between computers so they can be accessed anywhere. Printing issues may also arise if there are multiple devices sharing one printer. Resolve IT Computers can set up a solution which allows file-sharing and printing from all devices, even wirelessly connected laptops. Let us make it easy to control how your information is shared.

Remote Service

When you have a problem with your computer, you need a quick response and reliable service. An alternative to on-site computer repair is Resolve IT Computers’ remote service. We can remotely connect to your computer – with your permission, of course – using the internet and solve many common issues quickly.

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