How to Play TIE Fighter on a Newer PC

You may not care HOW this works, but I have always found it useful to understand the basic premise of something so Tie_Fighterthat you can improvise and not get lost in the instructions. TIE Fighter was designed to run in DOS with certain types of hardware. Newer versions of Windows can often emulate DOS, but since hardware has changed so much, the game is not able to recognize and use it. We therefore turn to an emulator, which can emulate (or act like) the older hardware so that TIE Fighter can run.
The best emulator to use is called DOS Box. Once you install DOS Box, you can configure it to run TIE Fighter and other old DOS games.
What you will need:
1) TIE Fighter CD or ISO (image file made from cd)
2) Joystick (or mouse…I hate joysticks, but many people are used to them)
3) Computer running Windows XP or newer (this works best on XP)


1) Download DOS Box here:


2) Install DOS Box

3) Create a new folder on your c: drive and name it “Games”

4) Make an ISO image of your TIE Fighter CD

a) Download the ISO creator here:

b) after installing the ISO creator, right click on CD and select “Create image from cd/dvd”
c) name your image “tiecd.iso” and save your ISO image in the “Games” folder created above

3) Edit the DOS Box configuration

a) Start Menu–>Programs–>DosBox–>Options–>DosBox Options

b) Change these options. Leave all others the default:



c) Under [autoexec] at the bottom, add these lines

mount c c:games

imgmount d c:gamestiecd.iso -t cdrom -fs iso

d) save and close the config file

4) Install TIE Fighter

a) run DOSBox from your desktop

b) type d: and hit enter

c) type install and hit enter

d) choose default options (maximum install) to c:tiecd

e) setup sound using express–may not emulate directional sound 🙁

e) exit install and type exit to close DOSBox

5) Edit DOS Box config to autorun TIE Fighter

a) open the config file again (start–programs–dosbox–options–dosboxoptions)

b) add the following line to the end under autoexec to make TIE Fighter start automatically

(do not delete the lines you already entered above)

6) Have fun!

When/If you exit TIE Fighter, you may type exit at the command prompt to close DOSBox


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