Since 2010, Resolve IT Computers has offered on-site service, allowing us to be more personable with our clients and provide the exact solutions they need. Our customers trust us and we have always aimed to make our service convenient and effective. We understand that people rely on computers both for work and personal use, and that a big business deal can be just as important as communicating with distant loved ones. When you call Resolve IT Computers, you can always expect integrity, clarity, and a desire to serve.

Founder Ben Petersen grew up in Springfield, Missouri. He became interested in computers at an early age and has a natural aptitude for technology. Ben has a degree in Middle Eastern Studies and is proficient in Arabic, Italian, and Spanish. Shortly before graduating from college, Ben landed a job working at a computer service company. He discovered that he enjoyed the customer service aspect of his job, as well as the challenges of troubleshooting and providing solutions for his customers. In 2005 he married his wife Ashley and started a family. They returned to Ben’s hometown of Springfield in 2010 and began their own IT company. They enjoy serving the community that has given so much to them.

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